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Explore our Electives

LRMS offers a wide variety of interesting elective classes to choose from. For 7th and 8th graders, we have Music, Choir, Spanish, Home Arts, Art, Computers, Video Production, ASB, AVID, PAL, and Yearbook. Our 6th graders have the opportunity to explore our great offerings quarterly on the Wheel. Here at LRMS, our electives teachers know how to deliver engaging content in the fine and practical arts, leadership, and language courses.

Deanna Bleidistel Teacher
Nancy Enriquez Teacher
Mr. Flores Teacher
Carrie-Anne Gray Teacher
Michael Hale Science Teacher
Jennifer Halton Teacher
Amanda Hatcher Teacher
Marcial Lopez Teacher
Leah Nicolai Teacher
Sara Pedroza Teacher
Keri Ray Teacher
Mrs. Smolinski Teacher
Shari Suda Teacher
Renee Weitzel (Art Teacher) Teacher
Jennifer Wooten Teacher